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Our Stories - CPR and AED access expanding for School System

CPR and AED access expanding for School System

Our Stories - Martha

I felt lost. I did not know what to do.

Martha is an active 72 year old woman. A retired administrative assistant, she enjoys gardening and watching her grandchildren on the weekends. A few months ago Martha suffered from a stroke which left her partially immobilized.

Our Stories - Phillip

Once I got sick, things got bad.

“I have always worked to provide for my family. But once I got sick, things got bad. When I couldn't work anymore, we used our savings fairly quickly. Within a few months I didn't even know how I would afford to feed my family, keep the lights on or even pay for the gas to get me to my radiation treatments”. - Phillip

Our Stories - Tina

It’s a true blessing for me

Meet Tina, a single mom in her fifties who works two part-time jobs to make enough to take care of her children. Like many part-time workers, Tina has no health insurance. With a family history of breast cancer, Tina understands the importance of early detection. Without insurance, she thought there was no way she could afford a mammogram, and so for years she went without.

Our Stories - Emmitt

Therapy works

Meet Emmitt. He is a playful, energetic child who happens to have Autism. His parents turned to the pediatric therapy program at Cookeville Regional to help their son overcome some of the challenges he faces. Emmitt struggles with verbal communication, staying focused, self-expression and processing sensory input. After only his first full week of therapy, significant changes began to take place.

Our Stories - Kim

I so appreciate the Foundation’s help

Kim was a 41 year-old patient with metastatic cancer. The Foundation helped provide for her family as she transitioned into hospice care and during the few months she spent in home-hospice care. Kim was thoughtful enough to send us a note expressing her gratitude before she passed away. “I so appreciate the Foundation’s help paying utilities and keeping food on the table for my kids so we can be at home together these last few months.” Kim’s situation was not typical of hospice patients, but it required an immediate and compassionate response.

Our Stories - Mary

I was scared but they made me feel so comfortable.

Meet Mary, a proud grandmother who loves to cheer her grandson on at soccer games. When Mary recently collapsed with chest and arm pain, she was rushed to the hospital and had to have bypass surgery. “They took care of me perfectly. I was scared but they made me feel so comfortable, all the nurses and the doctors were wonderful.” After surgery and recovery, it was recommended that Mary join a program at the Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center at Cookeville Regional.

CPR and AED access expanding for School System