Once I got sick, things got bad.

Phillip's Story

“I have always worked to provide for my family. But once I got sick, things got bad. When I couldn’t work anymore, we used our savings fairly quickly. Within a few months I didn’t even know how I would afford to feed my family, keep the lights on or even pay for the gas to get me to my radiation treatments”. – Phillip

Cancer. The word itself is feared and powerful. Patients grappling with a cancer diagnosis face a mountain of hurdles to overcome from the moment of diagnosis through the treatment process and into recovery and remission. Patients of the CRMC Cancer Center come from all walks of life and demographics, from a variety of age-groups and from all across the Upper Cumberland. Every year the Cancer Center treats over 800 new cancer patients!

Like Phillip, many patients struggle not only dealing with their cancer but with financial hardship due to fighting the disease. Cancer can mean time off work or unemployment, dozens of trips to and from treatment, expensive medicines and more. Thankfully, the Cookeville Regional Charitable Foundation has a Cancer Care Fund designed to help cancer patients. The Fund may be used to help struggling cancer patients with things like medicine, medical equipment or nutrition supplements. It may also be used to assist patients and their family with groceries or other expenses at home. The Fund also helps many patients who live far away with transportation so that this extra expense does not become a barrier to completing cancer treatment. No one should have to forego treatment because they can’t afford to meet basic needs. You can help. Your gift to the Cancer Care Fund will provide welcome relief to a struggling cancer patient’s right here in our Upper Cumberland community. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift online, or mailing a check to the Foundation at the address below. Together, we can show compassion and mercy to local patients that need help today.

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