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Do you want to have a bigger impact? Commit to giving monthly in support of any program or patient assistance fund.


Establish a Fund

Many funds and programs are established to help struggling patients and improve healthcare in our community, but there are also pathways for supporters to establish new funds and programs aligned with our mission.

New restricted funds may be established with gifts of $25,000 or more. Funds become permanent structures of the Foundation and are governed by the board of directors. No portion of staff or overhead expenses is taken from a restricted fund, instead these funds are restricted solely for the purpose they were established for.

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When you give to a Cookeville Regional Charitable Foundation Endowment, your gift is preserved in perpetuity, impacting the lives of patients today and for years to come. Only interest from endowment accounts may be used for patient charitable care, community services or hospital capital projects. Several endowment accounts exist to benefit various causes, projects and patient groups.

Established endowment funds at the Foundation include the General Endowment, Auxiliary Endowment, Cardiac Endowment, and Pediatric Endowment. New endowment funds may be established by a single donor or group of donors. Interest from endowment funds begins to be used in service to causes once the principal reaches $25,000. Endowments are a wonderful way to ensure that causes you care deeply about receive support in perpetuity.

Endowments may be established over time with an annual commitment, in a lump sum gift, or through a gift indicated in a last will and testament.

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Planned Giving

Invest in improvements to healthcare in our community or give in support of the long-term stability of patient assistance funds and charitable health programs. Where the benefits of an outright gift can be derived immediately, a planned gift is a charitable contribution that is realized by the Cookeville Regional Charitable Foundation in the future, usually upon the death of the donor.

Another benefit of this alternative is that, while making a substantial contribution, donors can still provide for, and sometimes even enhance, their own financial security and that of their loved ones. In addition, planned giving offers a substantial benefit to the donor in the form of tax deductions, professional management of assets and increased income.

A bequest — a charitable gift left to the Cookeville Regional Charitable Foundation through a person’s will — is the most common method of leaving assets to a charitable institution. An individual can leave a specific amount of money, a specific piece of property, a percentage of assets or what’s left after providing for loved ones. Giving a percentage of one’s assets is popular because it allows for fluctuations in the value of the estate.

If you have questions about planned giving, contact the Foundation by calling (931) 783-2003 or by email at

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Recognition at CRMC

Naming opportunities at Cookeville Regional include specific rooms, areas and departments of the hospital. Customized inscriptions or dedicated plaques are available for display in a sponsored location.

For a list of naming opportunities, please call the Foundation office.

Donors contributing over $10,000 are recognized with a permanent display on the Foundation donor wall in the Cookeville Regional Medical Center lobby.

Permanent naming rights for rooms begin at $25,000.

Departmental naming rights are available for large gifts in the range of half a million to $2 million, depending on impact and scope of the department.

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Tree of Life

A special recognition for babies born at Cookeville Regional Medical Center.

Celebrate new life while bringing a healthier life to our community. The Tree of Life is a symbolic, permanent recognition wall just outside the Labor and Delivery Department at Cookeville Regional Medical Center. Each leaf-shaped, custom brass nameplate is engraved with the full name, and date of birth of every baby honored with a Tree of Life Membership.

To honor your baby, your grandchild or a baby born to a special relative or friend, simply contact the Foundation office at (931) 783-2003, or mail the following to the Cookeville Regional Charitable Foundation office:

Baby’s name and date of birth (for inclusion on the Tree of Life)
Parents’ names, address and phone number (We will send them a note)
Donor’s name, address, phone number and email (this will remain private)
Check for $50

Your $50 Tree of Life gift to the Cookeville Regional Charitable Foundation will provide vitally needed medical services for pediatric patients in need.

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Memorial Path

Consider celebrating the life of a special someone by purchasing a brick-paver that will become a permanent part of the history of the Cookeville Regional Medical Center Memorial Garden. Your gift will serve both as a tribute to your loved one and as a symbol of life and remembrance for generations to come. This timeless memento can be purchased with a tax-deductible gift of $150 per 4″x8″ brick.

Two lines of text may be placed on each brick, with up to 12 characters per brick (including spaces). Please email to place a brick order.

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Honor A Caregiver

A great way to honor a caregiver who has been especially meaningful to you is to make a donation in their honor to any Foundation fund or program. The Foundation will acknowledge your gift by sending a card to the employee, letting them know that you have made a donation to a particular fund or program in their honor.

Of particular significance for employees is the “Employee Assistance Fund,” which aids employees who face a disaster situation like fire, flood or personal/family injury. Your donation would honor your caregiver and support Cookeville Regional staff when they need help.

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The Foundation needs you. Volunteer support is essential for the success of our programs and events. We need groups and individuals.

Here is a list of ways you can volunteer:

  1. Event Volunteer Committee: Want to help plan and operate the next major social event in the area? How about a family-friendly 5k or a 100 mile cycling race? The Foundation operates nearly a dozen events each year, and we need a small army of volunteers the day of events and a core group of planning committee members to make them successful.
  2. Program Volunteer Committee: School outreach, health fairs, medical clinics, education conferences, and support groups for programs like Art for Healing or Pet Therapy, the Foundation needs talented and resourceful volunteers to help improve programs and expand outreach.
  3. Chaplain: We are seeking lay persons with a heart for listening and ministry, to help with recurring scheduled volunteer shifts at different areas of Cookeville Regional Medical Center. Chaplains must undergo a background check, and complete orientation classes.
  4. Pet Therapy: We need some more furry friends, and smiling human companions, to make regular visits to designated areas of Cookeville Regional Medical Center. Staff, visitors and patients benefit certified therapy dog visits, and we accept multiple training certifications.
  5. Healing Notes: Are you a talented musician? We schedule recurring performances on site at Cookeville Regional Medical Center. Play the baby-grand piano in the lobby, or bring your own stringed or woodwind instrument. We are also happy to host choral performances, especially during holiday seasons.

To learn more about volunteering please call 931-783-2003 or the CRMC Auxiliary office.

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