Sam Meketon

Devil in a Blue Dress
Art Title: 
Devil in a Blue Dress
Robert and Gloria Bell: In honor of Kathy Bertrum and the CRMC medical staff
North Patient Tower, 5th Floor A Wing

Sam Meketon grew up in Philadelphia, Pa. He was introduced to glass as a senior at The Crefeld School. After meeting Appalachian Center for Craft alum Kevin Platt, he decided to come to Smithville to study. One of his greatest discoveries has been the aesthetic possibilities of cold-working glass surfaces, a technique featured in his current body of work. When Meketon is not at the Craft Center, he travels to collaborate and share techniques with other glass artists in Toledo, Ohio; Asheville, N.C.; and Muncie, Ind.

Meketon describes his work as follows:

“People of different cultures have used different mediums to create unique, historical vessels. My current interest is in redesigning and replicating complex clay archetypes into more dynamic glass forms. I have entitled this particular set of my work ‘Chinese Inspired Vessels.’ These pieces are primarily created with opaque glass that is layered over other colors that I expose through a carving process. This process allows the viewer to appreciate the silhouettes of the form and the elegance of the piece. The piece Devil in a Blue Dress is one of these pieces.”