Robin Smith

"Golden Painted Turtle"
Art Title: 
"Golden Painted Turtle"
Watercolor Painting
Dr. Jonas and Judy Sidrys
Radiation Therapy, Cancer Center Waiting Room

Robin Smith is an artist and poet who works from her studio in Doyle, Tenn. She recently moved to Tennessee from Minnesota. Her experiences include jurying fine art fairs, exhibiting her work with the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Arts Exhibit, serving as president of the MN Arrowhead Arts Club and serving on the board of directors of the Artists of MN. Her work is represented in private collections throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Smith describes her process: “Setting a goal of finishing a painting or poem on location never crosses my mind. In fact, the adventure just begins in the field. When I return to the studio, these wide-eyed observations and photographs are the tools I reshape into new visual adventures where the environment of the paper or canvas is now the world to explore.”