Pet Therapy

Helping Patients Recover from or Better Cope with Health Problems

In just a few minutes, our pet therapy animals can change a patient's whole outlook, replacing frowns with smiles and giving patients a new friend to look forward to seeing again soon. Pet therapy helps patients recover from or better cope with health problems.

In addition to services offered at the hospital, our animal friends travel the community as ambassadors for good health and champions of the human-animal connection. They visit schools, libraries, retirement homes and community centers. Your gift helps our furry friends continue visiting patients, children and seniors throughout our community.

Additionally, pet therapy volunteers encourage donations to the Harvey Fund, which supports veterans in post-secondary education who rely upon a therapy or service animal at school.

For more information about the Pet Therapy Program, please call volunteer services at: 931-783-2740.


  • Buddy
  • Hershey
  • Sadie
  • CRMC service pet sookie