Mimi Jane Liu

"Autumn Scene for Mom"
Art Title: 
"Autumn Scene for Mom"
Acrylic Painting
Mimi and Dahan: In memory of Mom and Dad
Same Day Waiting Area, Floor 1

Mimi Jane Liu was born in China. When she indicated an interest in art at a young age, she was encouraged by her father. Her interest in drawing continued from this point on.

Liu received her education as an engineer in Hawaii, and she is currently a professor in the engineering department at Tennessee Technological University. However, her passion for art continues. She has taken painting classes at the university, exhibiting her work both on campus and at the Appalachian Center for Craft. Liu considers her skills and love of painting as separate from her career as an engineer, and regards her art as pure personal expression.

The subject matter of Liu’s paintings is often nature, described with vibrant colors and organic shapes, filling the canvas with light and movement. The painting in CRMC’s collection, "Autumn Scene for Mom," was painted as a tribute to her mother.