Lynne Looney

"Storm Clouds"
Art Title: 
"Storm Clouds"
Acrylic Painting
Bob and Diane Duncan
CRMC Chapel, 2nd Floor

Lynne Looney received her formal art degree from the Instituto Allende, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuto, Mexico. After over 40 years of producing large scale projects of murals, billboards, theater set design, special events for corporate and private clients in Texas, Georgia and Tennessee, she now concentrates on her studio work. Her paintings feature a wide range of subjects and are often large in scale, characterized by bold colors, expressive brushwork and multi-textured surfaces.

Looney describes her approach to painting: “I strive to communicate the power and vitality of growth. Colors are often bright and vibrant. I strive to make the piece compelling. I create an environment.”