Jack Loeb

"Word Heart"
Art Title: 
"Word Heart"
Acrylic Painting
Paul and Janice Korth
Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, 3rd Floor

Jack Loeb moved to Smithville, Tenn., from Muscatine, Iowa. His career has been as an art teacher of elementary and high school levels, as well as the arts and crafts director of the Air Force and Army. He has continued his passion for painting and has taken workshops with notable artists, including Frank Webb, Gerald Brommer, Betty Edwards and Tom Lynch.

Loeb describes his philosophy of painting: “Painting, for me, is much about the excitement of color, shapes, values and the texture of paint. I love pushing paint just for the beauty of one color crashing into another color. My images vary from very abstract works to those that are recognizable. It is really about the joy and fun of creating.”