Community Health Fund

Improving the Upper Cumberland’s Healthcare

Community health programs and health education activities are central components of our mission to improve the quality and availability of healthcare in the Upper Cumberland. Quarterly health fairs are offered at Cookeville Regional Medical Center, generally from 7-10 a.m. in the Education Center. Health fairs offer free and discounted health services to the public.

Health fairs may also be set up at area businesses, group homes or civic centers. Companies, churches or other groups may sponsor a health fair for their employees or members. Health fairs may be tailored to your specific needs and education interests. Available screening and education sessions may focus on topics like lipid profile, chemistry profile, prostate-specific antigen, thyroid panel, blood type, hemoglobin A1C, blood count, hydroxy vitamin D, flu shot, testosterone, bone density, pulmonary function, mammogram, hepatitis B, CPR, first aid, TB skin test, tetanus injection, blood-borne pathogen training, shingles vaccination, vascular screenings, low-dose CT cancer screenings and others.