Caring Hands Fund

Lending Help to Struggling Patients

Most funds operated by the Foundation are restricted to help specific patient groups. The Caring Hands Fund, however, may assist any low-income or underinsured patients who need help.

Many people in our community struggle to make ends meet. For them, healthcare is often a luxury that is outside of their means. For working poor families, the bitter truth is that they make too much money to qualify for many government programs but not enough to easily afford meaningful insurance. Recent changes in TennCare and the national healthcare landscape have left many of the most vulnerable in our community wondering how they will pay for medicine or a doctor visit.

The Caring Hands Patient Assistance Fund has been developed to assist patients with critical charitable needs like medications, medical equipment, treatments or procedures, travel expenses to and from the hospital, groceries or supplements, utilities and other various needs.

You can be compassionate care for a struggling patient in our community.