Cancer Fund

Assisting Cancer Patients and Their Families

Patients grappling with a cancer diagnosis face a mountain of hurdles to overcome, from the moment of diagnosis through the treatment process and into recovery and remission. Patients seeking help come from all walks of life and demographics, from a variety of age groups, and from all across the Upper Cumberland.

Cancer can be devastating physically, mentally, emotionally and financially for patients and their families. Many patients struggle not only in dealing with their cancer but with financial hardship due to fighting the disease. Cancer can mean time off work or unemployment, dozens of trips to and from treatment, expensive medicines and unbelievable stress placed on families as well as patients.

Every year, the Cancer Center treats more than 800 new cancer patients! Our Cancer Care Program is designed to meet some of the charitable needs of these patients. We assist patients and their families in many ways, including transportation to and from the Cancer Center, groceries or nutritional supplements, medications not covered by insurance, utilities or lodging assistance, equipment, and other critical needs.

Our goal is to make sure that these financial barriers don’t hinder a patient from completing their cancer treatments, and the Cancer Fund helps us respond with compassion to the needs of cancer patients struggling in our community. Each year, thanks to assistance from caring supporters, we are able to help hundreds of local patients through the Cancer Fund. No one should have to forego cancer treatment because they can’t afford to meet basic needs.

You can help. Your gift will provide the assistance needed to ensure that a cancer patient can continue treatment without the burden of worrying about providing the essentials for their family. One hundred percent of your gift goes toward direct care for cancer patients in the Upper Cumberland!