Brad Sells

Peace, Wellness, Hope and Strength
Art Title: 
Peace, Wellness, Hope and Strength
Wood Sculpture
CRMC Foundation and Larco Medical
CRMC Lobby

The sculptural works of Brad Sells stem from a conviction that all living things have a soul. He works through the medium of wood, seeing his role as capturing then releasing the song of each tree. From this vantage point, he carves exotic and domestic woods into sinuous and delicate forms. Brad works from his hometown of Cookeville, Tennessee, yet through his unique skill and strong work ethic, he has been invited to carve rare woods on distant continents and have his work exhibited in museums and private collections throughout the world.

Peace, Wellness, Hope, and Strength was commissioned by Cookeville Regional Medical Center. The work represents the connection of family. The family is enveloped in a double helix strand of doves. Brad’s interest in science and spirit is evident. The theme is strengthened by the use of red ivory keys from the “motherland” in Africa, believed to be the cradle of all modern human beings. The sculpture was made from a large blue spruce that was removed for the new addition. The work is over 20 feet tall and took over a year to produce.