Adrienne Stone

"Great Dane Jersey"
Art Title: 
"Great Dane Jersey"
Acrylic Painting
Charles and Laurie Sewell
3rd Floor; North Waiting Room

Adrienne Stone lives in a 100+-year-old farmhouse in Overton County, where her large studio overlooking lush farmland is located. She has always been interested in art, with many exhibits and commissioned works to her credit. Stone has been described as a painter of movement. Her favorite subjects are people and animals, captured with vibrant color and a startling sense of presence.

She describes her method of working: “My life experiences are full of color. I think I must see color even when it’s not there. It brings great pleasure to show it to other people, and nothing pleases me more than knowing someone enjoys looking.”

"Great Dane Jersey" greets people in the waiting room with a bright, welcoming presence!