Tree of Life


A special recognition for babies


Tree of Life is the one gift that celebrates new life while bringing a healthier life to our community. Tree of Life is a symbolic, permanent recognition wall just outside the Labor and Delivery Department at Cookeville Regional Medical Center. Each leaf-shaped, custom brass nameplate is engraved with the full name, weight and date of birth of every baby honored with a Tree of Life Membership.


How to Order

To honor your baby, your grandchild, or a baby born to a special relative or friend, simply deliver or mail the baby’s name and date of birth; the parents’ names, address and phone number; the donor’s name, address, phone number and email; and a check for $50 to the CRMC Foundation office.


Gift Acknowledgement

The Foundation will acknowledge your gift with a personalized letter to the baby’s parents.


A Better Life for Others

Your $50 Tree of Life gift to the CRMC Foundation will provide vitally needed medical services for pediatric patients in need.


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