Hospice and Palliative Care


Facing end-of-life with grace, dignity and compassion


The Foundation is committed to compassionate care for our community, and so our partnership with hospice organizations is a natural extension of our core mission. We collaborate with all hospice organizations throughout the Upper Cumberland, as well as social workers and hospital case management staff, to provide support to Hospice patient’s in-need of charitable assistance. Thanks to generous contributors to the Hospice Fund, we are frequently able to cover utility bills so that our terminally ill neighbors can be comfortable at home during their last days. We also supply hospice patients with a variety of items not covered by insurance such as nutritional supplements, medication; and common household equipment like fans, mini-refrigerators (for medicine), and window air conditioning units. Every single patient who receives assistance is vetted by healthcare professionals to ensure that donor funds are utilized for patients who have the greatest need.

Donations of any size are helpful, and increasingly needed. As with all Foundation Funds, gift to the hospice fund are one hundred percent restricted. No gifts are used to cover overhead or staff expense. The Hospice Fund is about more than just providing an item, or service to a patient. It is about responding compassionately to our neighbors during their final days of life. Please consider being a blessing to a neighbor in need by supporting the Hospice Fund.