General Endowment


Leave a lasting, personal legacy to benefit patients of the Upper Cumberland.


 It is people — administrators, physicians, employees, patients, former patients and other local residents — who have helped to make our hospital a regional center for state-of-the-art medical care. As we look toward the future, our goal is to build on the accomplishments of these people as we continue raising treatment standards and enhancing the quality of care we offer our patients.


That means we need the help of even more generous and dedicated people — people like you — to support this continuing effort. There are many different ways to give, and if you plan strategically, you can make a future gift that costs you practically nothing and leaves a personal legacy in your name that will continue to benefit the people of our community for many years.


Endowments established at The Foundation can be set up with a donation today or estate gifts at no cost to you or your estate right now. Giving could take the form of a bequest of retirement assets; a gift of cash, securities, personal property, life insurance benefits, IRA distributions, real estate, or retained life estate; or any of a number of different types of trusts or annuities. And you may be surprised to learn that some of the best gift plans also improve the donor’s financial and tax situation.


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