Dr. Lee Moore

Physician, Upper Cumberland Urology Associates, P.C.; Member, Advisory Committee, The Foundation at CRMC; Past Member, Board of Directors, The Foundation at CRMC; Past Member, Board of Trustees, CRMC

My family has a long history of practicing medicine in this area. My grandfather, Dr. J.T. Moore Sr., began his practice in Algood in 1899. He and Dr. William Howard were the main players in the health-care community here in the first half of the century. Dr. Howard started the first hospital in Cookeville over on Broad Street near the Square.


My father practiced at Cookeville General for 48 years. It opened in 1950 just as he was finishing medical school and returning to Cookeville. He was such a proponent of education that the hospital named the Education Center after him.


I came back after medical school in 1989, and my brother is a nurse anesthetist at CRMC, so we have seen a lot of changes in health care in this community over the years. When I began practicing in Cookeville, it was still a fairly small operation. The growth has been a great addition to the residents of this area.


CRMC has discussed creating a foundation for a number of years. A hospital of any significant size needs a foundation to help maintain the level of care that is demanded by its community. This is even more critical with a medical organization such as CRMC that is owned by the public and does not have access to private funding sources.


Several years ago, when I was on the board, we researched several successful medical foundations. We are fortunate to have hospital leadership that supports this type of effort. They were able to recruit an executive director for The Foundation at CRMC who has 40-plus years of experience helping institutions like ours support its mission.


The Foundation will be able to fund many efforts that the hospital is not able to finance on its own. Not only can it create a perpetual source of funding for future medical equipment purchases and facilities expansions, it can also provide the assistance that many patients need with expenses not covered by insurance and other payment sources.


I think our citizens appreciate how important our hospital is to the community. I see patients from all over the region who travel here for treatment because of the hospital's reputation for quality medical care. The Foundation will help to assure that the future of the hospital matches the growing medical needs of our community.