Art for Healing Program


"The portal of healing and creativity always takes us into the realm of the spirit." - Angeles Arrien


Click here to view pieces currently on display at CRMC  through the Art for Healing program. 


Art has the power to uplift and inspire us. Featuring Art in a hospital environment amplifies the healing process and calms patients and visitors dealing with stress and pain. The concept of Art for Healing was started by Florence Nightingale and now major hospitals across the country, including Cookeville Regional, are promoting uplifting and healing environments showcasing Artistic works. Thanks to the Art for Healing Program, we now feature dozens of pieces of art in the Permanent Collection at Cookeville Regional. Our collection contains the works of professional local and regional artists, art faculty, Appalachian Center for Craft residents, and pieces from the Cumberland Art Society. The Art for Healing Program relies on donations from the community to acquire, house and maintain fine art in our collection. With your help, we will continue to promote a more healing and calming environment for patients and visitors.


The Art for Healing program at Cookeville Regional was founded by the late Sally Crain-Jager; who inspired, educated and befriended a generation of artists and art-lovers in our community. Click here to make a donation to Art for Healing in memory and honor of Sally.


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Several research studies have proven that quality original artwork can be a benefit to the healing process and improve employee perception of the workplace environment.  The Art for Healing project seeks to improve the overall look and feel of the medical center allowing it to become more alive and welcoming. The program focuses on showcasing quality, original artwork from professional , regional artists. This keeps our artwork close to home by showcasing the talent found right here in the Upper Cumberland. Before display, artwork must be approved by our acquisition committee and meet selection criteria designed to positively impact patient care.


Your donation to the Art for Healing program will allow us to acquire art, construct display casings for three-dimensional works, and fund special projects like pediatric murals etc. You will help provide solace to a those waiting for information on the condition of a loved one, an uplifting moment in the day for medical staff and a calm healing environment for patients. Click here to donate to the Art for Healing program


Goals of the Art for Healing Project:

  • Provide high-quality art for staff, patients and visitors by providing appropriate art in various formats (including 2 dimensional, 3 dimensional and functional) which supports a calm healing environment. 
  • Connect to the arts community by letting them know how their works support the healing process, and promoting a deeper connection with Cookeville Regional and the community. This will also be a good way to curate an archive of the history of the arts in the Upper Cumberland.
  • Provide a forum for professional regional artists’ works to be displayed, increasing their audience.


Interested in donating a work of art? Click here for our donation policy.
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