A More Compassionate Hospital


Healing and compassionate care is about more than a job well done by doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals. We help promote a more compassionate and healing environment at Cookeville Regional Medical Center by supporting programs and services that go above and beyond the requirements of healthcare.

Maintaining calming and soothing greenways around the hospital, ensuring the continuation and expansion of areas like the healing garden; and installing quality paintings, sculptures and other works of art, help patients feel more inspired and uplifted while at CRMC.

Compassionate services like Pet Therapy and Care Carts help patients feel more comfortable and at-home. Honorarium and memorial opportunities like Tree of Life and the Memorial Pathway remind us of our connection to one another; and our shared human experiences. Finally, health-care staff is not immune to unexpected hardships like disaster or medical emergency. The CRMC employee assistance fund exists to help healthcare staff at CRMC get though unexpected tough-times.