About Patient Assistance


Compassionate care means complete care

When sickness, disease or injury strikes we all turn to those closest to us for help. But what happens to those who have no family nearby, or lack the resources or support network to tackle dealing with a life altering condition? What happens to those who are so ill they can no longer work? How will they make ends meet? What happens to their family?


Healthcare is a complex and confusing industry; but thankfully, compassionate care is not. Thanks to caring donors like you, and a committed group of healthcare professionals at CRMC, we are able to meet the charitable needs of over 3,000 patients from all areas of the Upper Cumberland.


Patient assistance programs help families and individuals facing unexpected challenges. Assistance is given to help with a variety of critical needs, and funds have been established to aid many specific patient groups. Because of the sponsorship of Cookeville Regional Medical Center, 100% of your gift to the Foundation goes directly toward helping patient groups, toward charitable programs, or for service projects that you choose to support.